Owning a Whisky

Cask Collection

Building a whisky cask collection is the natural next step for serious whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs and Fruitful Spirits is here to guide you through the process. We invite you to step into the world of cask ownership and take your passion to the next level.

Join us to embark on a journey that will see you create your very own carefully crafted whisky, uniquely yours from start to finish. You will have the opportunity to hand select your casks, considering all their properties and flavour profiles. You will be able to taste your whisky as it matures and decide on its finish. Finally, you can either bottle it or sell the cask on to our large network of independent bottlers.

Offering full cask management services, the level of involvement is tailor-made to each individual owner, allowing you to get the most out of your casks so they can fulfil their true potential.

Choosing the Right Whisky Casks For Your collection

When it comes to building a whisky cask collection, choosing the right wood for each batch of spirit is crucial in shaping the final character and flavour profile.

Whilst all whisky will mature in oak casks, there are huge differences in the variety of oak used. For example, American oak will have a very different impact on the whisky than European oak.

Another significant factor is the liquid that the cask held previously. Casks used previously for sherry, port, bourbon or specific wines will each impart distinctive flavours to the ageing whisky, influencing its aroma, colour, and taste.

It is said as a (very) general rule that 70% of the flavour profile of a finished whisky comes from the wood, and only 30% from the spirit itself. Choosing the right cask to develop a unique whisky will have a major impact on the value* of a cask too.

Fruitful Spirits has excellent connections with the finest bodegas and cooperages across Europe, enabling us to import the very best sherry and port casks, as well as some more unique casks such as Ex- Cognac Limousine oak casks, Jamaican rum barrels, the finest Bordeaux wine barriques, and even pink champagne.

Cask Management Services

We arrange secure storage in professional bonded warehouses for your casks, and provide guidance on optimal times for sampling and regauging (surveying) the casks as they mature. After reviewing the results, we can offer recommendations of the best way forward to help each cask achieve its potential.

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Visiting Your Casks

We coordinate exclusive tours to the diverse warehouses and distilleries housing your whisky casks across Scotland (where possible). During these visits you will have the opportunity to personally extract a sample from one of your casks.

Engage in conversations about the ongoing maturation process of your whisky, gaining invaluable insights into the intricate craftsmanship behind its development.

This experience will give you an insight into the art of whisky maturation, offering a unique and enriching perspective of its development.

Reaping the rewards

As each whisky cask reaches maturation, you can choose to bottle it, savouring and enjoying the culmination of its journey, or sell it on, benefiting from the cask’s appreciation in value*.

Or why not do a bit of both? You can, bottle part of the cask as a private bottling for a special occasion, returning the rest of the whisky to the cask to continue to evolve in complexity, or sell on to another collector or independent bottler.

As suppliers to a range of independent bottlers as well as the cask trade, Fruitful Sprits have a network of exit opportunities should you wish to sell your cask collection.

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Please be in touch and we will schedule a meeting, either in person or online, to discuss your objectives and recommend a suitable tailor made initial portfolio.

How long is a piece of string? A whisky that is already mature enough to bottle could be held for less time than a younger cask. However we generally recommend a timeframe of 5-15 years.

Whisky casks must be matured and bottled in Scotland. We store our casks in specialist bonded warehouses across Scotland so that VAT and duty does not have to be paid on the spirit (until bottling). In addition, all casks are insured under our special “spirit in cask” insurance policy.

Fruitful Spirits is not FCA regulated and is not able to give formal tax advice. However, it is our understanding that, as whisky casks are classed as a “wasting asset” due to the “angels” share (evaporation), any gains are exempt from CGT. We recommend you seek clarification from a qualified accountant.

The whisky cask market is unregulated in the UK and like any asset, the value may fluctuate. In addition, casks can lose liquid due to leakage, a phenomenon commonly referred to as the ‘Angels’ share, which is not covered by insurance. When considering purchasing casks of whisky, it is important to be aware of the associated risks. Click here to contact us if you require further information.