Who We Are

Fruitful Spirits are market leaders in whisky cask management and a bespoke independent bottler.

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Why Fruitful Spirits?

Once enthusiasts, now connoisseurs, Fruitful Spirits loves nothing more than using its vast knowledge of the industry and access to experts to help you map out your own whisky journey.

Our journey began with the acquisition of several whisky casks, but we quickly realised that our ambitions extended much further. Fuelled by our love for whisky, we have committed ourselves to enabling others to pursue their own whisky passions.

Saul Kelly, the visionary founder of Fruitful Spirits, continued to nurture his affection for the whisky craft by exploring the exciting possibilities of utilising diverse wood types to impart unique flavours, aromas, and character during the maturation process. This quest propelled him to the forefront of cask maturation, ultimately leading to the establishment of Fruitful Spirits as a whisky cask merchant and independent bottler.

Today, Fruitful Spirits occupies a prominent place within the whisky cask industry.

We are honoured to be founding members of the Cask Whisky Association (CWA), a newly launched association committed to safeguarding consumers purchasing whisky casks and upholding the sterling reputation of the Scotch whisky industry.

Meet the team

Saul Kelly

Saul Kelly


Saul Kelly is a dedicated professional with a career spanning over 20 years in both the non-profit and profit sector. He began in the field of education, where he made a significant impact to the lives of thousands of students before transitioning into the role of Chief Commercial Officer for a group of not-for-profit organisations. Saul’s strategic vision, analytical mind and relentless commitment ensured the longevity and sustainability of these charities.

Saul’s academic background is equally impressive, with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Imperial College, London. He holds an Associateship of the Royal College of Science and is a Graduate of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a unique blend of educational, operational, and financial expertise, making him a formidable force in both the non-profit and profit sectors.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for discovering opportunities within the business world, Saul leveraged his acumen and multifaceted experience to venture into various investment endeavours. It was his unwavering passion for whisky that led him to establish Fruitful Spirits, a venture that combines his love for fine spirits with his extensive experience in procurement and negotiations across diverse industries.

At the helm of Fruitful Spirits, Saul brings with him a comprehensive understanding of the whisky market, encompassing every aspect from production to distribution. His vision is focused on making whisky cask ownership accessible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, integrity and value. Saul’s dedication and commitment to excellence are driving Fruitful Spirits to the forefront of the industry.

Marc Bloch

Head of Operations

Marc is a highly driven and experienced senior executive with over 20 years of experience across a range of industries. Marc’s journey in the commercial world began in a small family business in South Africa, where he was exposed to the values of hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurship from an early age.

With his operational and managerial acumen, this once small business expanded to become a prominent player in its sector which was then sold to a listed company. After the acquisition, Marc stayed on the executive management board for a further 8 years, which was a testimony to his professional expertise.

Marc went onto co-found a retail business that became a thriving enterprise. This venture highlighted Marc’s ability to identify market trends and adapt to the evolving needs of consumers.

In 2013, Marc embarked on a transformative journey by relocating to the UK. Here, he identified a burgeoning opportunity in the importing and wholesale sector and founded a homewares business.

Marc then decided to venture out of the business sector and took on a pivotal role as the Chief Operating Officer of an eight-member group charity. His strong governance and compliance skills ensured the charity’s operations were efficient and aligned with its mission, making a meaningful impact on the communities it served.

Marc joined Fruitful Spirits in 2023 as the Head of Operations.